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  • Over 30 years of experience in the evaluation and treatment of substance abuse.

    Expertise in marijuana, OPIATE AND alcohol users.

    All services provided by a certified addictions counselor (CAC III in the State of Colorado) and registered psychotherapist (State of Colorado)

  • What We Do

    Court-ordered Evaluations (All services are available via skype or phone):

    Level I:

    60-minute interview

    Includes one page report with professional recommendations

                   Cost: $300.00


    Level II:

    90 minute interview

    Includes two-page report with professional recommendations

    (May be suitable for more serious charges and/or custody evaluation)

                    Cost: $450.00

    Level III:

    Two ninety-minute interviews

    Includes Indepth report. Drug/alcohol testing results. Psychosocial impact analysis. Administration of standardized test and interpretation. Professional recommendations. (May be suitable for criminal charges, custody evaluation, employer-requested evaluation.)

                   Cost: $1000.00



    Private, confidential, individualized and compassionate care. Expertise in working with addicted individuals as well as significant others/codependents. All work is conducted remotely via Skype, phone and e-mail.

                    Cost: $125.00 hourly


    Employee Assistance Program available


    Waited to the last minute? No problem. Expedited report available, additional fee applies.

  • Interventions

    The nature of drug and alcohol dependence is that the last person to realize the extent of damage to themselves and others is the substance abuser.


    As a result it is often necessary for loved ones and employers to stage an intervention in order to get the individual the treatment they need.


    A professional intervention is a meeting orchestrated and facilitated by an experienced addictions professional in which the user is confronted and offered concrete consequences if they do not immediately enter treatment. Interventions are serious business and should not be facilitated by mental health professionals who are not credentialed as addictions specialists or by addictions specialists who have not facilitated interventions in the past. Improperly conducted interventions can be traumatic for all involved and result in future attempts to get the individual into treatment to backfire.


    Properly facilitated interventions can be highly effective although no reputable addictions professional will guarantee results due to the lability of addicts and alcoholics.


    Intervention Steps:


    1) A core person in the addict's life contacts the addictions specialist and a preliminary assessment is made.

    The cost of the initial evaluation is $125.00


    The actual Intervention:


    2) Other support people are identified and engaged in the process.

    3) A meeting of core support people is held in which they are educated and prepared by the addictions specialist. This is generally done in person but as circumstances allow may be conducted remotely.

    4) The addict is invited to a setting where the support people and addictions counselor are waiting.

    5) The intervention is conducted and an ultimatum of treatment delivered. Clear consequences of failing to receive treatment are stated.

    6) The individual enters treatment with ongoing communication between the addictions counselor and support people.


    Total Cost: $1000.00 paid in advance.


  • CAC supervision

    Supervision for CAC I's and II's is available in individual and group settings. I have been a CAC III for 25 years and have worked in residential and outpatient treatment setting with all chemical dependencies. I also treat non-chemically dependent individuals.  Please use the contact form below for details.

  • Outpatient Program

    When inpatient isn't an option


    Sometimes it is impossible to leave work or family responsibilities for 30 days or more in order to get clean and sober. It also may not be feasible for you to pay nearly $30,000 for treatment. If you having trouble quitting on your own intensive outpatient may be the solution. A treatment plan that is customized for your specific needs will be designed and may include some or all of the following:


    Multiple individual sessions per week. One in person and others via skype or phone.

    • Group counseling
    • Trauma techniques including EMDR, hypnotherapy, relaxation techniques and meditation training
    • Urinanalysis to provide accountability Introduction and participation in 12-step programming
    • Therapeutic Journaling
    • Peer Support Assignment
    • Couple and family therapy
    • Codependence education and support for loved ones
    • Genogram mapping

    Program Rates are variable but start as low as $1000.00 per month, all inclusive.


    Insurance may cover.


    Payment plans are available.


    Please see the contact page to make inquiries.

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    James Healy of Recovery Innovators Radio recently interviewed me about my techniques, my thoughts and tips on the recovery process, and how current events are affecting addiction and recovery. Check out the episode here.
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